We relaunched together as Jubilé • Jubilee Montréal in October 2016. 

Now that it's been over 8 months, we want to continue to dream and continue to look forward to what's next.

If you've been a part of this journey in any way up to this point, THANK YOU! Jubilee is what is in because of each person that contributes to it!

Click the link above to read an article about turning another page in our story and how we can pursue Holistic Transformation together by multiplying Microchurches. The link is just for Jubilee-ers, so please don't share it publicly!

We shared this vision on Wednesday, June 14th. Download the audio from this and check out the slides. 

We enjoy what God is up to today and where the road will take us!


Post info about the new microchurch that you would like to start or help lead. Comment on what others write and let them know if you're interested in being a part of it! Or, just give some encouragement for awesome ideas!