Get Prepared for 2017 Prayer and Fasting

It's getting close. We begin our annual time of prayer and fasting this Sunday, January 8th at sunset. Don't miss this opportunity to join your heart with the rest of the community in drawing near to God.

Prepare yourself

Now it's time to prepare yourself. Heart. Mind. Body.

Heart: Prepare your heart for this time. The scriptures say, "You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart" (Jerimiah 29:13). It is with our hearts that we find God and that can feel difficult when our hearts have been longing for and pursuing other things for a while. Prepare your heart by beginning to quiet yourself and taking stock of the state of your heart--are you fearful, sad, etc? Prayer and fasting is ultimately about freeing your heart from other entanglements to seek after God. Start that process now.

Mind: Prepare your mind for this time. One of the hardest things about fasting is overcoming the mental habits of eating that meal, grabbing that snack, or checking that app. You will have to say 'no' frequently. Prepare yourself by starting to say 'no' to these things now in part--checking apps less, eating less, etc.

Body: It's is extremely important to prepare your body--especially if you plan on fasting food in any form. If you will be fasting food in any form, it is wise to begin "eating smaller portions a few days before the fast. Avoid food high in sugar and fat. Plan to limit physical and social activities for the week of the fast."** 

Important: Fasting food is not for everyone. If you have any physical condition or potential for a physical condition that would be adversely affected by fasting food in any form, consult a physician prior to fasting.

Prayer Partners and Prayer Times

Moving through the fast with activities and busyness will not help you to slow down and draw near to God. You are encouraged to find a prayer partner--someone who you can touch base with each day and pray with and for.

Each Jubilee Community will host an open prayer time one evening during the week. If you are not a part of a Jubilee Community yet, you are welcome to join one of these. We encourage you to attend just one of these prayer gatherings. [Times announced soon].

The fast ends on Saturday, January 14th at sunrise. We will have a break-the-fast brunch at 680 rue Richmond H3J 2R9 at 10am this day. Bring a healthy brunch dish to share. We will have a time of prayer and then we will eat together.


Each day of the fast, we will publish one short devotional blog on one of the 7 Movements of Discipleship. So check here on the blog each day or check your email for the link. If you don't receive our emails, sign up here.

For the fast, you are highly encouraged to set aside time to sit in silence, listen in prayer, speak with Father God and consider journaling as your spend this time. To augment this, we attached a devotional put together by Every Nation, one of our global partnerships and spiritual family, that you can use as you move through the week. 

**Qtd in "Knowing God." Lafoon, Jim. Pg. 2. 2017.