Reality Check

We exist to share the Good News as a Spiritual Family for Holistic Transformation. 

We exist to change things. We call this Holistic Transformation: the transformation of all things from how they currently are into how God created them to be. 

This includes you and I and we call this journey of transformation... discipleship. 

But all transformation begins with something that is sometimes not so fun... a reality check. 

You've got issues. Me too. And your issues are not everyone else's fault or the result of your bad circumstances. For the most part and for better, or for worse, they're your problems. By facing the reality of your situation, the reality of your beliefs, your feeling, and your actions, you can then begin to change. 

The Good News cannot change us if we're not living in the reality of our present condition. We know we're not living in the reality of our present condition when we blame others, make excuses and pretend that brokenness (or what the Bible calls sin) isn't a big deal. 

The scary thing is that we can talk about transformation all the time, but if you can't see your issues or you blame them on your circumstances or on everyone else, you will not change.

And you'll drift from following Jesus because Jesus hangs out in the nitty, gritty honesty of reality.

If you want to take your next step following Jesus... come back to reality. When you begin to take responsibility for your stuff, don't get discouraged or stuck in shame. Instead, confess to others, repent to God, and receive his forgiveness, grace, and love.

In the words of the famous contemporary poet, "Snap back to reality."