Jubilee Junior is designed to help your kids experience the Good News of Jesus and have fun doing it!


What should I expect?

When you first arrive, head to the table at the entrance and check your children in. We have a class for ages 3-10 years old. After you check them in, they will stay with you through the musical worship time and then you will be directed to drop them off to their classes as we take a short break. 

We invite you to keep children 0mo-3yrs with you throughout the gathering. There is a comfortable area set up for parents with these small children--feel free to take advantage of this space and sit there. 


We want you to rest assured that your children will not only be loved and have fun but also be safe. We are registered with Plan to Protect's Winning Kids safety plan. We obtain background checks on all Jubilee Junior volunteers and there are two adults with the children at all times.